Try These 5 Easy Meat Recipes For Beginners at Home

easy meat recipes for beginners

The meat dishes are the famous food that 70% of people worldwide take this mead food in any form. And most people eat chicken, beef, and lamb as their primary meat source containing lots of proteins and various vitamins and minerals.

And some of the easy meat recipes for beginners will have these meats because these meats need a minimum cooking process to make the dishes, and it also helps to make the food simple but more flavourful.

The meat recipes will have various ingredients that make the food tastier and help the meat cook quicker than usual. Worldwide, people use various techniques to cook the flesh, and these different processes will give a different taste and flavour to that particular meat.

And the easy cooking methods for beginners will help people learn about the meat cooking process. And it also helps to know about the features and types of various meats.

Easy Meat Recipes For Beginners:

There are different kinds of meat available in the world, and each flesh itself will have other parts, and those parts need different cooking methods to cook them properly. Some of the easy and best meat cooking recipes are

  • Salt- pepper steak

  • Pork shoulder cutlet

  • Grilled steak with parsley-parmesan salad

  • Chicken Schnitzel

  • Pork tonkatsu with tomato salad

All these are simple and effective dishes suitable for beginners to cook. And these recipes are ideal for all kinds of people, and it also contains only a few ingredients to make the mead dishes properly.

The meat lovers who don’t know to cook can also use these easy meat recipes for beginners to make their meat dishes. And before cooking, people need to know the details of the meat, which helps to cook the dish with perfection.

Salt and Pepper Steak

To make this dish, people need a thick slice of steak, and then they need to season them with the necessary amount of black pepper and salt to make the dish tastier. Then grill the steak for 4 minutes on each side and confirm that the steak reaches the unique medium rare with medium-high heat. Then slice and serve the dish.

Pork Shoulder Cutlet

To make this dish take boneless pork shoulder and add a cup of all-purpose flour with two eggs and maintain it at room temperature. Then add half a cup of dried bread crumbs, two tablespoons of cornstarch, vegetable oil, and flaky sea salt. Mix these well and fry as required to make the meat tender and serve it with the fennel and asparagus salad.

Grilled Steak with Parsley Parmesan Salad

This dish is similar to the salt and pepper stake dish, but some ingredients will differ from that dish. People need to cook the steak with medium flame in this dish and make it tender to serve with the parsley-parmesan salad. This dish is one of the easy meat recipes for beginners, and people who love meat can also try these at their homes.

Chicken Schnitzel

To make this dish, people need a skinless breast piece of chicken, and they need a mallet to make the chicken tender and flat as per the requirement of this dish. After flattening the chicken add all the incidence and spices to the chicken and deep fry. This process will make the chicken more crispy and suitable for eating with tender and juicy chicken.

Pork Tonkatsu with Watermelon Tomato Salad

the pork tonkatsu dish also follows the same process like the chicken schnitzel, but it has some differences in ingredients and making. And the process of making watermelon and tomato salad will be entirely different. And it takes about hal an hour to complete the cooking process of this dish.


There are many kinds of meat dishes available, and these five dishes are easy meat recipes for beginners, which is suitable for all types of people who don’t have proper knowledge about cooking. And these dishes are the perfect choice for learning cooking.

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