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When we talk about our site, our guest blog posts, we draw in plenty of interesting and unique readers from parts of the world. We have effectively mentioned that we accept a wide range of articles except for a couple of posts that are referenced beneath. Along these lines, get this opportunity and make the most out of it.

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Why should You Write For Us A Guest Post?

As said before, we try to promote energetic and inspiring writers. Our worldwide reach will allow you to represent your story on a larger scale. This is without a doubt the best place to share your experience and mastery which can have an extraordinary effect on our readers.

Your motivating information and knowledge can have a significant effect on another person’s life. You will also be paid $100 per article.

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Guest Blogs Must Be Related To The Categories Below

We at Parallel Profits accept visitor posts from a variety of subjects. We are focused on giving fundamental information and we urge everybody to share their insight through guest posting. We accept posts from the given below categories

  • home decor write for us

  • write for us general

  • write for us health and wellness

  • write for us gadgets

  • write for us magazine

  • pet blogs write for us

  • technology write for us

  • write for us mental health

  • money write for us

  • healthy lifestyle write for us

  • write for us construction

  • food write for us

  • home interior write for us

  • marketing write for us

  • relationship write for us

  • travel write for us

  • business write for us

  • education write for us

What Articles Will We Not Accept?

  • Articles that are unethical, illegal, and insignificant.

  • Any topics that depict link-building schemes. We also do not accept affiliate marketing articles.

  • We also do not accept articles on topics like gambling, casino-related content, violence, criminal activities, and so on.

Guidelines For Guest Posting

Here are some of the rules you should keep while writing a guest post:

  • Originality:

While writing for us, kindly ensure that your piece is original and unique. This implies that the topic must not have been covered by our website and that the content isn’t posted anywhere on the web, aside from your site or blog. We publish guest posts that don’t abuse any copyright laws. We do not want any copied post, so ensure that it is plagiarism-free.

  • External Links:

You might add a maximum of one link in every guest post. Kindly ensure that the link you give is relatable and significant to both your article and to our blog.

  • Article Length:

A good article must have something like 1000 words, which is incredible both for SEO and the readers. Also, remember that the longer the article, the better it is for us. Your content should be well-informed, meaning the information you give should be precise and applicable to our blog.

  • Article Title:

The title of your article should introduce well what’s going on with the topic. Moreover, it should be unique and interesting to the perusers.

  • Content:

The content of your guest post should be well-written. The punctuation and sentence construction should be excellent. The content should also be well-structured. This means that the sentences should be kept short and stay away from a large number of fluffy words just to arrive at the necessary word count.

  • Pictures:

We request you to include somewhere around two pictures that are of top-notch quality and have no copyright problems. You can include the pictures from your collection or source them from free image stock websites.

  • Aspects To Consider:

We encourage all writers to write reader-friendly content. You should also incorporate headings, subheadings, and bold significant words. Kindly use bullet points and number lists whenever necessary as it will make the content easier to read. Plus, keep content engaging and entertaining enough so that the readers will appreciate reading the article and will read it up to the end.

  • Alterations and Editing:

If there are any changes needed in your article then we will tell those to you and you will only get two chances to edit it. If still, we do not find it satisfactory then we may make necessary alterations.

  • Article Format:

    • Title

    • Meta description

    • Sub-headings

    • Necessary keywords

Checklist Before Submitting The Article

  • Only 1 external link should be added

  • Unique title

  • Articles should be shared on all your social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

  • You will tag our account in your post

  • You will share our post regarding the blog on your stories

  • You need to also submit a short bio about yourself

Send Us Your Article Today!

If you are a writer and if you have the right skills then send us your article today. We would love to read them. You can submit the articles by emailing us at [email protected]

If you have any questions then please comment below and our team will get back to you.