Which is the Best Current Affairs Gujarati For the Class-3 Exam?

Current Affairs Gujarati

This post is all about which current affairs are the best for the class 3 exam. The first thing to do in preparation for the exams for Class 3 is to know about a few of the Current affairs gujarati that are asked in these exams 

Prime Minister’s weekly radio address, National Festival of India, President’s Address on Independence Day from Red Fort, etc.

Class 3 officers include the Chief Officer, Deputy Section Officer, Assistant Forest Conservator (AFC), Veterinary Officer, Municipal Account Officer, Assistant Roads Inspector, and Assistant Engineer.

There are specific current affairs questions in the exams; here are a few to practice.

It is essential to read the weekly radio address by our Prime Minister, Shree Narendra Modi.

This ensures that you are aware of what is happening in the country and the things that our Government is doing.

How to Get Knowledge?

It is essential to read daily newspapers, especially English-language newspapers, because they have a lot of news about current affairs. They also contain information about newspaper offices in India as well as abroad. 

If students don’t read newspapers regularly, they will not get an idea about what is happening around them and what is happening in their own country.

Which are the best current affairs subjects for the Class 3 exam?

Indian Economy and Planning: It is an integral part of current affairs for class 3 because it is related to the nature and functioning of the Government.

 It also covers different subjects like Budget, Tax, etc. It is essential for the officers dealing with the Government’s tax collection issues.

2. Science and Technology: It includes topics like space, the Internet, and technology-related things. This helps officers understand the technological developments that are happening around us. For example, when talking about vehicle pollution, officers can speak about the increased use of electric cars.

3. General Studies: It covers various subjects like arts, natural sciences, religion, and social sciences. It shows you the importance of knowledge in these areas. It is also an excellent guide to begin your future career in any field of study. The general studies subject is suitable for most exams since it is an essential guide to future studies.

4. Current Affairs in English: This subject is a good choice for students pursuing a career in English-speaking countries. It relates to the news and developments reported by different media houses worldwide. The primary current affairs related to India are also covered in this subject. This is vital because it helps you understand what is happening around you and takes you toward your future career options.

3. Geography: It covers lessons on different parts of the globe, but it is mainly related to our geography. You will have to know about other countries, their history, current situation, and essential landmarks in their capital cities. 

Current affairs can be covered by knowing the recent developments in these countries. Studying current affairs for class 3 is essential for knowing about the development activities happening around you. 

It also gives a brief idea about your country’s international relations with its neighbors and other nations worldwide.


I want to stress that this study of current affairs in Gujarati is only for informative purposes. No questions or doubts will be asked in these subjects. 

Preparing for class 3 current affairs has to be taken from the given sources. Preparing for exams related to current affairs will differ from the examiners, and you need to keep this in mind while preparing your papers.

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