Common Things to Avoid to Get 79+ in PTE Exam

PTE Exam

Everyone is concerned about what to do and how to do it when scoring a 79 or above on the PTE Exam. This post outlines the mistakes you should make and how to quickly move beyond them to score 79 or above on the PTE Academic test. So, if you’re not already aware of these critical errors, look at them immediately.

No matter what your target score—6, 7, or 8 for PTE Exam, you must receive the maximum number of points in the Speaking module of the PTE to achieve a score of 79+. But it would be best to always aim for 90 when you speak. There are many strategies you can opt for PTE Exam to enhance your Speaking, but there are also some things you should avoid. 

Things to avoid if you want to get 79 or more in PTE Exam

You must understand the standards used to grade your Speaking Section to comprehend this. As a result, your score in the PTE exam is 90 when you sit for it, but as soon as the test begins, you start losing points for making mistakes. Your task is to secure your marks by avoiding errors, similar to a negative marking system.

Read out loud to know your mistakes.

This question, which may be found as one of the PTE exam’s first assignments, is particularly significant for reading scores. You must now comprehend how each word in this question is marked for our reading because we will be reading it. To avoid this particular question, see the following list.

  • Mistaken pronunciation
  • Wording changes
  • Adding phrases from

Guidelines for the PTE Exam

1. In both situations, you must remain on topic. The main ideas of the content will typically be reiterated and tested in your text. You won’t receive a point until you briefly explain the aim or meaning.

2. Plan your points ahead of time. You have 20 minutes to write an essay and 10 minutes to summarise a text. Analyze the sentences you can use in your response to make the most of it.

3. Use the “Right Format”: The proper task format is just as crucial as the content. Please choose a format that works for you and practice typing it.

4. For the first Writing Task on the PTE Exam, you must condense a lengthy passage of text into a single phrase with only a single full stop.

5. Use concise and clear paragraphs in your writing: Work on your typing speed to provide concise and clear descriptions. Grammatical errors, inaccuracies, and typographical errors can result in a score reduction when writing, so keep this in mind.

Know that fluency is not always quick

Some aspirants mistake speed for fluency and strive to talk too quickly with all their might. This impacts their fluency scores. Speaking too quickly affects both fluency and readability. Therefore, candidates should choose a just right tempo—not too fast, not too slow. Aim for a natural pace and make an effort to keep it for the entirety of your speech.

Aspirants frequently use filler sounds like “aah,” “Uhm,” and other similar ones when preparing to speak. This negatively impacts the fluency score. A solution is to create Speaking templates to prevent the usage of filler words like “like,” “you know,” and other noises. The more you use a template, the more proficient you become. Aspiring PTE students frequently use the incorrect form of tense while discussing things. 


Use the present continuous tense instead of the present simple tense, for instance. Loss of points results from this. You’re speaking score on the PTE-A is heavily influenced by your oral fluency. Your Speaking score suffers when you make incorrect starts or unnecessarily long pauses. Additionally, it’s essential to refrain from pausing or repeating words.

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