Top Tips & Tricks to Pass the AP Computer Science Exam


When you prepare for the AP Computer Science there is a need to study properly. It is an exam that assesses core computer science skills and Java programming. You may also be studying for the newer AP computer science exam, which is far less complicated in CS. Many of the same recommendations apply to both examinations.

However, you can become someone who completely self-studies for the exam. Therefore, the answer can change slightly depending on whether you are enrolled in a class or completely self-studying.

Pay Close Attention to the Questions

The questions are presented in one of three formats of the AP computer science exam, like a paragraph, code, or an example. Underline the tasks you must do and the variables and approaches you have at your disposal as you read. 

It is critical to read through pre-conditions and postconditions. So, you know what you can expect to be accurate at the start of writing a method and what you must be valid at the end.

Apart from it, you need to pay attention to the method headers, as these are used to identify the arguments as these are used to construct the solution and the return value type. While examples can help clarify a subject, you do not write code that only works for those examples.

Keep an Eye on the Clock

You need to keep a close eye on the clock. It is essential to ensure that you have enough time to answer all of the questions. Remember, you do not spend too much time on any one of them. 

If you do work that you believe is erroneous, cross it out rather than spending time deleting it: crossed-out work will not be graded.

Put Effort into Answering all Sections of Questions

Many free-response questions of the AP computer science exam are broken down into sections like (a), (b), and (c), each requesting a distinct response. It is because credit is given for each part separately. 

You should try to solve each one. For example, you could be given no credit for component (a) but full credit for part (b), or vice versa (c).

If the answer to a later section of a question is contingent on the response to an earlier part, you may be able to get full credit for the later part even if the previous answer is incorrect. So there is a need to adopt the tips for passing examinations with good marks.

Ensure Your Programming is well-organized and Clear

Organizing, indenting, naming variables meaningfully, and writing are some of the essential things to adopt. Before you start writing code, you should take the time to lay out your solution. 

Apart from it, students should leave space between lines of code when creating their answer in case they need to add something you neglected.

So, keep in mind that comments are not a replacement for correct code. But, it will allow you to get excellent performance in the tests. All the answers are correct with adopting the tip.

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Use the Classes That Have Been Assigned

You need to avoid taking classes not part of the AP Computer Science A Course and Exam Description. These are not officially handed to you as part of the exam. 

Besides it, other classes (such as Date or Sort) may have been developed or utilized in your AP course. But do not use them in your exam responses. It is another tip you need to adopt for good grades on the test.

Free-response questions from previous AP Exams are an excellent approach to practice since they allow you to compare your responses to those previously examined and scored.

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