Current Trends And Issues In The Education – 2022

current trends and issues in education

What Is The Education system?

An education system is a group of institutions whose primary purpose is to provide education according to the educational setting. Usually, teaching requires a self-aware and self-correcting process which includes culture, curriculum, assessment, and instructions.

Recent Trends In Teaching:

Technology will drive the future of education. Many new teaching tools have come up during the pandemic, showing the current trends and issues in education. The education that has fits into the palms of the student’s hand. The top five recent trends are listed below:

  • Project-based learning
  • eLearning
  • Learning Analytics
  • Soft-Skill training

Project-based learning:

Project-based learning is generally a teaching method that helps the students engage with real-life projects. This learning method will develop the students’ critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication skills.


Distance learning will become a top trend in 2020 due to the pandemic. This gives rise to the demand for online education platforms. eLearning is generally education or training which occurs electronically. 

With eLearning, the education content is delivered through computers, laptops, and smartphones. The decision-making scenarios in eLearning also encourage you to make your own choices.

Learning Analytics:

They are learning analytics that allow educators to measure and report students learning just by the web. This helps them to understand and optimize their learning. 

Through learning analytics, the teachers can see what type of information the students enjoy the most. And also, they can notice what type of information is not effectively reached.

Soft-skill training:

According to the research report, some of the most important skills in the work platform are critical thinking, decision-making, innovation, and people management. 

This soft skill training enables students to be professional in their workplace. The institutions encourage the students to develop soft skills, which is a trend, and offer several opportunities for their career growth. 

Issues of Education:

Some of the current trends and issues in the education system are listed below:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Fee Structure
  • Wastage of Resource

Student’s Health and Wellness:

The researcher shows that many of the students are stressed out and anxious. Teachers are also experiencing the same issues. The main reason for the stress is that social media is being overscheduled. 

Due to this pandemic, an online class is taken on smartphones and laptops. The students spend too much time on their smartphones, spoiling their health conditions.

Fee Structure:

The fee structure is a significant issue in the current education system as many extracurricular activities, and advanced technology came into the education system. All the schools and colleges have started to frame a high fee structure.

Wastage of Resources: 

Normally, our education system is based on general education. The dropout rate is very high in the primary and secondary levels of education. 

Most of the students under the age group 6-14 leave their school before completing their education. This mainly leads to the wastage of both the financial and the human resources.


The advancement and innovation of the student’s knowledge are changing due to the most recent education system trends. The trend in education will improve the student’s professionalism and technical skill.

The major issue faced in the education system is the fee structure. The current trends and issues in education are present in today’s education system, especially during the pandemic.

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