Steps To Extend Student Visa For Australia


Every student studying in Australian universities should extend their visa before three months of expiry. Renewing after expiry is a long process, and students must face several legal issues with those conditions. Most people who study abroad will have proper knowledge about their visa expiry, and they will also have adequate guidance to complete their extension process. 

But new students who are new to studying abroad should know all the necessary details. Best Education Agent Melbourne will guide you and the Australian immigration authority is responsible for extending the visa. So, people, who need to get a student visa extension Melbourne should know these details that help students to complete the process without any issues. 

Documents Necessary to Get Student Visa Extension Melbourne

Like the first time, people need to provide all the documents for extending the visa, and all the details should be perfect. These perfections will help the students get their extended visas without delay or issues. So, the documents that are necessary for getting the visa extension are

  • Previous Visas
  • Confirmation of enrolment from enrolled university
  • Passport copy
  • Degree certificates
  • Documents for student visa
  • Overseas health cover

So, these documents are necessary for people to submit while getting the visa extension. So, people with all these essential documents will get the job done, and all these documents should be perfect and need to be updated so that the verification process will be quick and there will be no chance of rejection.

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Various Steps to Enrol for Student Visa Extension Melbourne 

In getting a visa extension, people need to follow multiple phases that help people to get a visa extension. These steps are the traditional ways available with the government of Australia and the department of home affairs. Most students applying for Australian visa extensions will follow all these steps. So, those necessary steps are 

  • Enrol
  • OSHC & Health Examination
  • Visa Documents
  • Genuine Temporary Entrant

So, these are the necessary steps people must follow to get a student visa extension Melbourne. Following all these steps will help people get a visa extension without any issues. Every step in this process will be a perfect option, and every step will help to improve the possibility of getting visa extensions. 

  • Enrol

People studying in Australia will get their student visas for a particular duration according to their educational course duration. So, if the person fails to complete the course in a specific period, it is too hard to leave the education halfway. So, those people need to provide the COE, which is confirmation of enrolment, along with the necessary documentation for the visa extension process. Along with that, the course should be CRICOS. 

  • OSHC & Heath Examination

Health insurance is the necessary document in the process of student visa extension. Many people think that people need to update or extend their health insurance along with their visas, but it is not valid. In addition, sometimes, the health insurance may expire before the visa. So, people need to get a new insurance set before submitting the verification of visa extension. The authorities verifying the documents will approve only the latest health insurance. 

  • Visa documents

People applying for the student visa extension in Melbourne should provide all the necessary documents. Though the students are onshore applications, they need to renew the student visa application, and the application fee is about $700. Along with that, they need to provide all the necessary documents that are 

  • Applicant’s ID proof
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport identity page
  • Household registration book pages
  • Curriculum Vitae

So, these are the necessary documents people need to provide to complete the visa extension process. All these documents are essential, and each will help verify the applicant’s current situation and other details. 

  • Genuine Temporary Entrant

This part of the visa extension process is essential, and people who need to get the process done should overcome this process. The applicant should meet all the criteria of this GTE. So, those criteria are

  • Study duration and benefits
  • Purpose of study
  • Circumstances in the home country
  • Potential circumstances in the Island nation
  • Family annual income
  • Yearly expenses of the student

So, these are the criteria people need to meet while getting the visa extension, and several benefits are available. Most students applying for the student visa extension Melbourne will know about these criteria and overcome this process. 

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So, these are some details people need to know about the services and benefits available with the student visa. In addition, this article’s details will help people know about the process of renewing the visa extension for students. 

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