Pros And Cons Of Technology In The Life Of Young Generation People

positive and negative effects of technology

These days every second person is surrounded by technology like laptops, tablets, and phones. The life of young generation people is incomplete without the use of technology. They are entirely dependent on it for their studies and health. There live other positive and negative effects of technology.

Positive Effect

Technology has proved beneficial for children in many ways. Especially in the corona pandemic, people have understood the actual meaning of the technology in their life. Now we will discuss in detail the various benefits of technology:

1. Enhance Learning of Children

In the past year, people traveled from one place to another to enhance their learning, but currently, everything is available online. Even during the pandemic, when all the schools were closed, the lives of the children didn’t get affected due to technology, as everything was available on the online platform.

2. Awareness About The Health Care Option

Not only in the line of education, but even the technology is helpful for the people in enhancing their health. They can get the details about the issue they are suffering from and find home remedies related to their issue. Moreover, even people can consult various doctors through online mode.

3. Expansion Of The Business

Technology has even provided a source of earning for thousands of people. People these days are doing a variety of business through the online mode. This is the mode in which a person is not required to bear any additional cost. 

They can do the business’s startup without any considerable sum of investment. The business can even be expanded all over the world.

The Negative Impact Of The Technology

It is not the case that the invention of technology has only provided people with positive aspects. On the contrary, even some people face various kinds of issues due to this technology.

Some people are using the technology in the wrong way, due to which the rate of corruption is increasing tremendously. Now we will discuss in detail the negative effect of technology on society:

  • Insomnia

The biggest problem that the young generation of people faces due to technology is the sleeping disorder. Children of all age groups keep using mobile phones continuously, which leads to the problem of sleeping. This is the problem that is becoming severe with time.

  • Eyesight Problem

In the current period, every second person has an issue with eyesight. As they continuously use electronic equipment like mobile phones and laptops, this increases the strain on their eyes. Due to this, they face various issues like Dry Eyes, Headaches, and Blurred Vision.

  • Health Issue

As per the research done by the world health organization, it is seen that there are various health issues that people are facing due to the use of technology. For example, children spend most of their time sitting at home, which reduces their outdoor playing. This is the leading cause of various issues like obesity.

These are some of the positive and negative effects of technology. So it entirely depends on the person how he makes use of technology?

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