5 Reasons Why People Love to Travel

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Google “travel quotes” and you’ll have thousands of options in a second. It does indicate that people love to travel. It should come as no surprise that I like to travel by myself, but why do we love to leave our home front and travel the world? I asked some fellow travellers about their reasons for travelling. They are varied and very personal and I would like to share them with you.

1) For the Adventure

One of the main reasons to travel is adventure. Experiencing something new every day, discovering your borders and other countries is what people like to do. We are all born with a sense of adventure and curiosity and travelling keeps that feeling alive. A trip is the perfect ‘means’ to do something different and exciting, especially something you can’t do at home.

2) To Challenge Yourself

One of the reasons I love to travel is that people want to challenge themselves. Your life is stuck in a rut or you long for something exciting and different. To new experiences and new challenges. Travel is the ideal place to test yourself. You push your limits and it ‘forces’ you to step outside their comfort zone.

It won’t always be fun. Some places are disappointing, maybe you don’t like travelling that much or you travel with people you don’t like. Travelling is not always fun, but it does teach you how to deal with situations that you are not used to.

3) To Experience New Things

Routine, routine, dullness… name it. For many people this is a reason to travel. To escape from a situation where you are not happy. There is nothing better than the feeling of experiencing something new in a new place. Whether it’s to a new city or a whole new continent , travelling somewhere you’ve never been before is a great way to get out of the daily grind.

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4) To Broaden Your Horizons

For me this is one of the main reasons to travel. Travelling teaches you important life lessons. It opened my eyes and taught me that there is much more than the Netherlands or Europe. That we live in a beautiful country where everything is very well organised. Travelling teaches you to put things into perspective .

By meeting people from other countries, you notice that your worldview is not the same as that of the others. You learn from others. You adjust your opinion or perhaps you stand firm. Only by discovering other places can you imagine how different life is in another place.

5) To Get to Know People

There’s something about travel – maybe it’s the newness, maybe it’s the challenges or the enthusiasm – that makes people want to connect with each other. Nowhere do I come into contact with people as quickly as when I travel. In a completely different way too. Maybe it’s the ‘ relaxedness ‘ everyone carries with them.

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