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The VOLORANT champions was an Esports tournament where many players would participate and fight for the final title. It is a first-person shooting game where many players fight for first place as a team or individual. 

This tournament is by the developer of this game, The Riot games, and they are the sponsor for this tournament. This game tournament contains various rounds and rules that make it more suitable for all gamers worldwide. 

Furthermore, the Riot games conducted the Valarant champions tour event in 2022. People can get the champions tour news from the online news articles and channels that primarily cover these Esports news and other related information. 

Several news articles are available online, but only a few are specially for Esports and gaming. And these news articles explain in detail the Valorant champions tour around the world and even about its final battle to choose the champions of the gaming league. 

This tour is popular among gamers who have more interest in this Valorant game. And these gamers are the main target viewers for the news articles that have details and much information about the champions tour 2022. 

Things to Know About VALORANT Champions Tour News

The champions tour 2022 has some changes from the previous one, and in this tournament, the player will have only two rounds as master one and master two instead of three. And in stage one, the champions tour tournament starts in various countries like Korea, Japan, BR, NA, and EMEA. 

And the master’s one will be between April 14 to 29, and the stage one challengers will occur on various dates in each country. Some of the primary points that people need to know are 

  • The VALORANT champions tour game format
  • Champions tour schedule
  • About stages and masters
  • Last chance qualifier and champions
  • The game changers series

These are the top five things that gamers and viewers need to know about the VALORANT champions tour 2022, and people can all these details from Robinhood News. This online news article provides all kinds of Esports news details and other information related to Esports and gaming. 

The Game Format of VALORANT Champions Tour 2022

The game format of this year’s champions tour is entirely different, and this year it has only two stages instead of three. In this game format, each region will have a challenger, and the winning team from each area will move to the international for the master’s event, which will be before the champions event. And in this year-end, some third-party organizers will have some offseason events and series for other players. 

The Champions tour schedule

The tour schedule will have various p[rocess in which the tournament will heald. In this tournament, the regions of various countries will have different combinations in which people can compete with each other to be the mart of masters. 

There will be gamers from various countries like Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Spain, etc. Along with these, small regional events and challengers will also take place. These are some of the points that explain the schedule of the VALORANT champions tour 2022. 

About stages and Masters

This tournament contains two stages and two masters. In stage one, some of the region’s challengers will take place. The regions like EMEA, NA, BR, Korea, Japan, LATAM are part of the stage one challengers, and each area will have challengers on different dates, and some may have on the same date. 

The winners from this stage one will be a part of the Masters from April 14 to 29. Then, with the same format, stage two will take place for various regions and have a master’s challenger. All these details are available with the champions tour news on different online news articles.

Last chance qualifier, champions, and game-changer serious

After completing all the stages and masters, the gamers will have the last chance qualifier for people to get a second chance to qualify for the final champions game. 

And champions are the final battle between the gammers who are all selected for the finals, and the final winner will be from these champions only. And the sponsor of the event will conduct a game-changer in various regions to get other teams for the final battle. 


The VALORANT champion tour 2022 is a grand event where many gamers will participate. People who want to know about this event can follow Robinhood news, an online news article covering all kinds of Esports gaming-related information. It also protects and provides the latest news around the US. 

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