How to Apply for a Temporary Graduate Visa in Australia?

Temporary Graduate Visa in Australia

For graduates who have recently held a student visa, there is the Australia Graduate Temporary Visa. Since the majority of candidates have previously spent a substantial amount of time in Australia, their Graduate Work Visa has a simpler application process than other migration visas to Australia. Our specialists are knowledgeable about every facet of this visa and can assist you in putting together an application package that has the best possibility of being accepted.

The Australia Graduate Temporary Visa Program:

Successful candidates are granted a temporary graduate visa called the Graduate Temporary Visa, which permits them to reside and study in Australia for up to 18 months to 4 years. extended momentarily to 24 months for visas issued starting on December 1, 2021. Choose the visa that is best for them from the two main categories offered by this programme. They are as follows:

For individuals who have contended for a bachelor’s degree or higher, for individuals who have held a student visa during the past six months before applying for this visa, and for students who have applied for a certification exam in the chosen occupation on the Skilled Types of Employment List. 

This visa prioritises your academic achievements and does not need your profession on the Skilled Types of Employment List.

As long as your visa is still in effect, you and your family are permitted to live and operate anywhere in Australia, pursue education there, and travel inside and outside of the country. The normal visa validity ranges from 18 months to 4 years. extended momentarily to three weeks for visas issued as of December 1, 2021

  • For students who completed their studies in Australia, there is a migration scheme known as the temporary graduate visa (subclass 485). 
  • After working in Australia for a few years, you can petition for a permanent visa, however, this one is just temporary. 
  • Remember that you may be needed to live in a remote area of Australia and that you can work in a profession that is relevant to your education.

temporary graduate visa

Visa Checklist for 485

Be sure to include the following paperwork with your 485 visa application:

Make sure you make a copy of all the information-filled passport pages.

proof that your studies are complete. Most likely, you will be required to produce a statement of completion that details your start and end dates for your programme of study.

student records. Additionally, a photocopy of your school records showing all of your course grades must be sent.

  • Evidence of English Language Competence

You must provide evidence that you passed an international English language exam unless you are from the UK, the US, Canada, New Zealand, or the Republic of Ireland.

  • Health Protection

You must provide evidence that you are covered by Medicare or that you have current health insurance while you are there.

  • Your Character History 

You must submit additional documentation demonstrating your lack of criminal activity as well as evidence that you applied for a National Police Check. Please make sure to submit forms 80 and 1221 as well for more details.

  • Skill Evaluation Reports 

You must complete a talent assessment for the job you’ve chosen, and you must submit the results along with your application. However, a post-study work visa does not need a skills evaluation; rather, it is only required for graduate stream visas.

  • Partner Records

 You must supply copies of your partner’s or spouse’s identity documents, as well as, if relevant, a copy of the marriage certificate, evidence of your registered partnership, and other comparable documents.

  • Children Under 18 Papers 

A parental consent type 1229 or statutory declaration, as well as a birth certificate or family book, are required if you are travelling with a minor kid.

  • Paperwork for Dependent Children

You must file form 47a and proof of reliance if you have adult children who are dependent on you. Don’t forget to send along copies of their IDs.

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Conclusion :

Depending on your skills and visa stream, your temporary graduate visa will typically be good for two to four years. 

Furthermore, you may only apply for this visa once. However, if you previously obtained a post-study work stream visa, you may do so again.

A second post-study work stream visa must be applied for from scratch and includes a cost. It is good for an additional two years.

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