10 Best Small Business Shipping Solutions

small business shipping solutions

There has been a high spike in the rating of small businesses, which has proved very beneficial for small business owners as the needs and demands of the customers are increasing tremendously as the demands or needs of the customers are growing. But with that, the small businesses are facing great ordeal with the shipping processes. 

Small businesses are of two types – traditional form is that the customer can purchase a considerable amount of goods and choose the home delivery option, which they will get by shipping. And another type is the online form, where the customer can buy directly from any online site and wait for the delivery at the specified address. And this online form is increasing in numbers. 

The customers are choosing this form more because when one has the option to stay put and get whatever they need, who wants to go out in the hot sunny weather or on a cold day, it’s not that the Ecommerce businesses cannot hold the capability of shipping products within one or two days. 

Still, the problem arises when many eCommerce sites have the option to get one-day delivery, and it’s where the rush begins. One-day delivery requires manpower and a tie-up with a good shipping company. In this article, we will point out the small business shipping solutions. But before that, let us have a look at the problems.

What are the Problems Faced by Small businesses in shipping?

Before talking about the small business shipping solution, it is essential to know or have an idea about the problems which are being faced by the small businesses. 

  1. Geographical barrier – The shipping depends on where it will be shipped. Which country, state, city, area, and locality.
  2. Quantity of the products – Sometimes it becomes hard for the shipping workers to carry so much load and to ship it in time. We need to understand that, in the end, they are also humans. 
  3. Charges – the charges depend entirely on the quantity of the package that will be shipped. The larger package will charge a higher amount, and smaller packages will charge fewer. 

Apart from these problems, there might be internal problems that are being faced by the companies and are hampering the shipping process. 

What are the Small Business Shipping Solutions?

These are the small business shipping solutions that an eCommerce business should keep in mind that if they are facing any problem regarding the shipping process, they must – 

  1. Look at the shipping with which they are tied up. Because if a small business is opting for the best shipping company, it will only come as a solution.
  2. Being a small business, if you cannot afford to deliver or ship the item in one day, as you said, then don’t try to mention a one-day delivery service.
  3. If you think the customer has ordered in bulk and the package will be bulky, which will create a hazard in the shipping process, try to make the package separately and then deliver it. 
  4. If you cannot ship to areas you can’t reach, don’t try to assure the customer that you will send in that area. 
  5. Always try to have tie-ups with more than one shipping company in an emergency.
  6. Try to opt for reputed shipping companies for international shipping.
  7. Try to keep the shipping charges as minimal as possible; only the customer will be willing to buy only one product in an emergency.
  8. Always provide package tracking to consumers so they can know when it is getting packed and shipped from the company.
  9. Always keep 2-3 days in your hand for shipping. And in case of emergency, try to keep 4-5 days in writing.
  10. In case of fragile items, try to do the packaging as best as possible so that it does not break while shipping. 


The shipping process of any company is critical to look after as it helps to build a reputation in front of the customers. The shipping should assure the customer that they can book or order products whenever needed because they will get the delivery on time. If a company faces any problems, check out these small business shipping solutions. It might help you and your business. 

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